Sphinx TYPO3 theme for docs.typo3.org

Sphinx TYPO3 theme screenshot CI

Sphinx TYPO3 theme contains all files required to build a Sphinx extension that provides the theme.


Benjamin Kott has created this theme from scratch without dependencies to Sphinx themes or the ReadTheDocs theme. Thank you very much, great work!

The ancestor of this package is t3SphinxThemeRtd which had been developed by Martin Bless as a derivative of the ReadTheDocs theme.


Make sure to specify all three numbers as in ‘v99.88.77’.

Feature demonstration

There also is a demo manual which serves as a “stress test” for the theme and shows what markup is possible and how it gets rendered.


We are using Ubuntu (22.04) for development with Python3 installed. Further we are using GNU make for convenience. Next we are using the Node Version Manager (NVM) to install and activate Node version v12:

❯ nvm install 12
❯ nvm ls          # list installed version
❯ nvm use v12     # activate

We also need Yarn and Grunt. Let’s install these globally:

❯ npm install -g yarn
❯ npm install -g grunt

Clone the repository:

❯ git clone https://github.com/TYPO3-Documentation/sphinx_typo3_theme/

Further steps:

❯ cd sphinx_typo3_theme  # go there
❯ make                   # see what options you have
❯ cat Makefile           # read for understanding
❯ cat Gruntfile.js       # read for understanding

Use Node version v12, show Python version:

❯ nvm use v12
Now using node v12.22.12 (npm v6.14.16)

❯ python --version
Python 3.10.6

Install the Python modules, install the Node modules and build everything:

make setup buildall

Repeat as you like:

make buildall

Look at folder ./dist to find the build results:

❯ ls ./dist

Example output:


You may study as well the GitHub workflows of this repository.


This theme has not been used or tested with Sphinx versions that are newer than Sphinx-4.5.0.

What else?

Have fun!