4.5.2 (2021-03-26)

  • Have ‘How to edit’ button point to GithubMethod.html

  • Always show the ‘How to edit’ button when the ‘Edit on …’ button is shown

  • Built in offline Sphinx search autocompletion: Turn autoSelect off, use text ‘Not found in word stems’

  • Remove flex property from logo link, so that it doesn’t extend the clickable area past the image

4.5.1 (2021-03-13)

  • Remove current ‘Switch panel’ solution (not production ready).

4.5.0 (2021-03-12)

  • Start with ‘Switch panel’

  • Add ‘How to edit’ button

  • Start ‘TYPO3 Exceptions’ with collapsed menu

4.4.3 (2021-01-20)

  • 37af740 Raise full width break point from 1800px to 2049px

4.4.2 (2021-01-06)

  • 8b1f5c3 Style index page genindex.html (issue #99)

4.4.1 (2020-12-10)

  • 5fb7837 Fix css for images and figures

4.4.0 (2020-12-07)

  • daf6211 [FEATURE] Provide for Sphinx extension sphinx-tabs

4.3.1 (2020-12-01)

  • e67d144 Use max-width:100% for PlantUML objects

4.3.0 (2020-11-30)

  • 5ac9115 v4.3.0

  • d605a2c Update .compact-list, only for screens >=992px

  • e886449 Bring back .compact-list, remove Figure:

  • f56aeea Fix indent of nested .line-block

  • 604eee1 Issue #14: Tweak $box-shadow-sm

  • 7d52ca8 Enable sourceMap in Gruntfile.js

  • 53012f5 Update yarn.lock - apply security updates reported by GitHub

  • 0ffa575 Update flake8 exclude - don’t check *GENERATED* files

  • 1225ec1 Add styles .centered, .rubric - add css classes

  • 14eea54 Update style p.attribution - style attribution in blockquotes

  • 56bbb03 Update style .versionmodified - make ‘versionadded’ stick out

  • 0610ae2 [FEATURE] Issue #80: Breakpoint to allow width:99999px - use total width for screens >= 1800px

4.2.1 (2020-05-20)

  • Add PAGE CONTENTS above the menu of intra-page links

4.2.0 (2020-05-08)


  1. If used with Sphinx extension sphinxcontrib-gitloginfo meta tags with the ‘last modified’ date may now be added to the page html head section. A ‘Last updated’ line can be shown in the footer with a link to the latest commit.

  2. For search result pages a link will appear to deselect hightlighting of search text hits.

  3. The intra page menu is now appended to the left menu column of the page.

  4. The logo is now defineable in the theme configuration file theme.conf.

Some commits:

  • d5cc051 [BUGFIX] Supply missing options in theme.conf to remove warnings about non existing theme options

  • a69e91b [FEATURE] Always show table of contents {{ toc }} to get back “the third level” in the page menu

  • e5f8b9c [FEATURE] Add date_last_modified and commit_url to footer

  • 14c3f6a Update whitespace control in html templates to further beautify the indentation of generated html

  • 4da72be [FEATURE] Add last_updated_isoformat to meta data in html head

  • e1061a2 [TASK] Update docsearch meta tags

  • a6605e0 [FEATURE] Make logo defineable in theme.conf

  • 9b25042, 54d580e Improve page template “layout.html”

  • cfb7081 Update documentation

  • 5f8cd43 Upgrade Javascript packages

  • cbeac0c Have link “Hide Search Matches” appear on a page with the search result to turn off the highlighting of the hits of the searched text

4.1.3 (2020-02-25)

  • Update documentation

  • Have {{ theme_version }} in page context

4.1.2 (2020-02-25)

  • Fix workflow, adapt docs

4.1.1 (2020-02-24)

  • a907b05 Update documentation

  • f6e0b22 Update python_requires in setup.py

  • 94e0f8f Make installation via entry_points work

  • 4282600 Simplify conf.py in workflow

  • a06ddbb Upload to CDN with as well

4.1.0 (2020-02-24)

“Let’s start” release

  • Elaborate workflow

  • Add Makefile

  • Add Python unit test

  • Add docs

  • Deploy docs to Github pages

  • Tune setup.py and ‘version from repo’ procedure

0.1.0 (2020-01-01)

  • Starting development.